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Failure of a 20 something

Maybe the title of this post is a little dramatic. But I’m sure all you sewers out there know how difficult it is when you have a great vision for something and when you start making it up it just doesn’t go to plan? Stropping about it/ over dramatising the situation is typical.
I started this bag with all the best intentions for a beautiful circle bag, using a denim pencil skirt that was waaaaaaaayyyyyy to small on me.Making the best out of something that just wasn’t good. Oh my, do I wish now I just cut of the bottom and added it in panels to the side to make a wearable denim skirt that fits.Something I might actually wear.
It was going rather well until I forgot to add interfacing and attempted to add it in after. Then I burnt the bag (and my carpet) in an attempt to iron out the creases I made with the interfacing. Thus melting plastic onto the bag. What a nightmare. I then struggled to find any buckles/ buttons / straps, or just any finishes for that matter, that would give the ba…

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