Monday, 27 February 2017

Linen Wrap Skirt

Make Number 2
This week I wanted to sew a wrap skirt. It was the first thing I thought about sewing this year so I definitely wanted to get it made asap! The final result is not something I will be getting to wear anytime soon as it just wont stop raining here in hudds πŸ˜ͺ

The fabric I used is this beautiful linen I found in the off cut bit in Abakhans in Manchester. I love that section because you can get fabric at such a decent price.

Pattern Inspiration

Definitely have to shout out this wrap skirt by Julia at Contour Affair for the inspo. Basically the reason I wanted to make this is cause she made it so easy! If you want to make it check out her blog I just cut what she did but in a size appropriate to me!

I changed how I sewed up at the panels though!  Inspired by the reformation dress above, I wanted to leave the sides open, just looks a bit younger and more girly i think! I also made my ties more like that.


 I really regret putting the darts in the back because they just don't sit nice over my bum at all, completely stick out. I didn't take them out though because by the time I tried it on I had already hemmed the top (by turning over twice, shown below). I didn't bother unpicking because I figured it might get hidden under the ties and it definitely does! Yay for covering things up πŸ˜‚

I left the two front panels unstitched to the back so there was an opening at the sides like the reformation dress. I hemmed these like the top, turning over twice. I finished off all raw edges like that.

The ties are two bagged out shapes, long enough to go around the waist and then be tied. Now normally you make the one that goes around the waist longer BUT I made mine both the same length because I wanted to have the option to tie them both around. I like this cause then I can wear it two ways. To make it wrap you have to leave an opening in the seam of the opposite side side to the tie to pull it through and around the back.

Anyway, Im so happy with how this turned out. It is the easiest thing ever to make! Beginners should definitely give it a go, such a good example of how sewing is literally just cuttting shapes and sewing it to fit your body.

Just need it to warm up now plzzzz, spring/summer where r u attttt πŸ™πŸŒž

Monday, 20 February 2017

DIY Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top

Make Number 1

This weekend I am going to an engagement and wanted to make a nice outfit to wear. What better way to start my new years res of making two things a month than to make something for a huge event πŸ˜‚

At least it gives me a deadline and forces me to actually finish making a garment!

My aim was to make something really simple but still 'on trend'. But something I can still keep forever as this is the aim of my sewing projectsπŸ‘

My Pattern Inspiration

In this screen grab of my pintrest board (which you can browse here) you can see the overall look i was going for. My friend actually has the ASOS top from the third pin in and it looks amazing on her, plus I knew it would be suppppper easy to make considering it is literally to rectangles sewn together! So thats just what Ive went for!


 I used some fabric I had bought a while ago. Its an off cut and Im not even sure where I got it! But Im pretty certain its a poly satin, very light! Anyway it drapes perfectly for the look i want.

I don't have an overlocker so I zig-zaged the edges and then hemed them all by turning them in once. (PS: I had the charts on I swear I didn't have that Katy Perry song on for longπŸ˜‚)

 To create the arm holes I sewed a horizontal line 12cm in length to connect the two rectangles at each end. I pinned it on my stand to figure out where to stitch the rectangles together vertically. I just ended up doing 12cm again. This connects the two pieces of fabric to form the top and creates the armhole you can see above.

 Next you just got to add some straps. I measured mine on the stand and they ended up being a lil to big! Annoying cause I hand stitched them on while I was chilling in front of the TV on saturday night and ended up having to unpick the back two and make them shorter! Lesson learned- try it on before 😩  Anyway I machine stitched the back two straps in place because Im lazy and impatient... 

On to the gathers! I was originally planning on placing the  gathers along the top, but I don't think it would be the most flattering on me. So i moved it to under the arm. I also really wanted the top edge of my frill to be on show because It just looks so nice and Boho but in this fabric its looked pretty crappy so I hid the seam, stitching the gather to the front rectangle with a normal seam.

This is it pretty much done now, yay! Im just going to put a horizontal strap along the back to make it sit in place nicer. I will be posting better photos of it this week when I can get Kurt to take some lol.

Just need to decide what skirt to put with it now!