Don't Rush into Cutting

Stripe Bell Sleeve Blouse
Make Number 3

This is just one of those things you don't want to blog about or share. Im really not the most pleased with this shirt for many reasons. 

  1. Its probably the worst thing I have made in many years
  2. It could have been so great because the design is there
  3. I rushed into cutting and thats the one thing I have learned in all my experience NOT TO DO 
Starting out with this journey to a self made, slow fashion wardrobe I wanted to start by focusing on easy makes. By that I mean simple pattern cutting- just cutting shapes and stitching. Thats why I started this in a new year because its much easier to make summer clothes like this. 

With this top tho I got a bit ambitious, Ive been making for over five years now and I do a degree in costume, so I would say that I am quite an advanced seamstress and in no ways am I new to sewing. Thats why I dived into this. I blame it being terrible on a number of factors- 
  1. Dont do sleeves without a pattern - just dont its a terrible idea
  2. I didnt work on the fit
  3. I got bored with it and just stitched it up with no finished edges- why WHY would anyone ever do that
So yea I have wore this quite a lot because it really is a cute top for everyday spring wear. But it is never going to last and the fit is just not that great. Anyway heres some more pics- and please do not judge me forever on this terrible top!


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